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Minneapolis web development by Isaac Niebeling

  • About me

    I'm Isaac, the web guy here. I primarily work in the MODx content management system, but also do some work with Drupal. I also ride a bike (well, a lot of bikes) and hang out with my kids and wife.

    I'm a real person, running a real business, and I understand the needs of real business-people. I can help your business run more smoothly and be more profitable by doing more on the web. Contact me (over there to the right) to find out how.

  • What I can do

    Whether you're looking for full custom development or just someone who knows how to put building blocks together, I can help solve your problems. I'm fluent in Photoshop, and can work with you at any stage in your web process.

    I'm ready to be involved with your project from the get-go. I'll help you determine your goals and then arrange content to meet them.

    As far as actual technologies go, I work with standards-based HTML and CSS, PHP, JavaScript (including frameworks like jQuery) and prefer to work on a LAMP-based or LNMP web stack, using a content management system like MODx.

    Whether you're an agency looking for a contractor or an individual company looking for a partner, I'm ready to team up with you. Contact me (over on the right) and let's talk.


Isaac Niebeling